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Recipe Source: / Dennis Adams (1998)


2 cups rice
1 can (16 oz.) tomatoes
1 medium onion, chopped
1 smoked sausage, chopped small or diced
4 slices bacon
Salt and Pepper to taste
A dash of sugar
A dash or two powdered Seafood seasoning (optional), to taste


In a pan, fry the bacon until brown (keep the bacon fat). Fry chopped onion in bacon fat until transparent (frying the uncooked rice along with the bacon will add a nice flavor). Add all other ingredients, bringing mixture to a boil. You may add the optional sea food seasoning powder at this point, or sprinkle it “dry” over the rice as a garnish after cooking. Reduce heat to simmer (lowest stove heat) and cook for 20 minutes until rice is done (in true Lowcountry fashion, do not stir or otherwise disturb the rice during cooking).