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So my bestie gave me an Instant Pot last December for Christmas.  It has sat in my living room floor for nearly a year because I was afraid of using it.  Silly, I know!  We started planning our departmental Thanksgiving lunch here at work and she suggested that I bring my IP and learn to use it and actually cook a dish rather than buy something to heat up.

Best suggestion ever.

I’ve been slowly saving up some recipes on my Copy Me That account and picked one by Pink that sounded like a good one for beginners.  And it was. Just. HELLA. EASY!

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese ⋆ by Pink

Recipe Source:

16 oz dry macaroni noodles
4 cup water
16 ounces Colby and Monterrey Jack blend cheese
1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 cup sour cream
salt and pepper for serving

Put macaroni and water into your pressure cooker. The macaroni should be just covered with the water, if it isn’t add more water. Lock the lid and set for high pressure and 4 minutes. At the end of the 4 minutes use the quick pressure release method. Remove the lid and add remaining ingredients and stir till all the cheese is melted. There shouldn’t be much water left, if it is drain the water.

You can salt and pepper to taste but we didn’t need it.

To make this instant pot mac and cheese in other cookers such as the Ninja foodi follow the directions.  For stovetop, cook your noodles as normal then follow the ingredients.

I followed the recipe to the letter except for the salt and pepper, and received rave reviews (even though I myself thought it was a bit bland).  I am thinking next time using some Pepper Jack cheese and a dash of Tabasco for a little heat and flavor.  Otherwise I had to admit, it was VERY easy and quite filling!  One of the guys in the department liked it so much that he asked if he could have what was left over to take home for dinner.  I’d call that a compliment!  🙂